laupäev, 8. oktoober 2016

6th October 2016

6 October 2016

At nine o'clock we've get up and had breakfast. Then we had a bit of free time. Later we analyzed the plusses and minuses of the experiment we did this summer which consisted in being some time without some electronic gadgets or asking questions about smartphones to our families or friends. After that we had a break and then we discussed about what this experiment has given to us. Then we had lunch and some free time. In the afternoon we went to the beach to do some games with balls and making castles. This game was a competition in which the tallest, the biggest and the castle with more kinds of materials had a prize. After this we had a break and we played voleyball. Later we went to our place and had dinner. After that we had the estonian night in which estonians present the culture of their country to spanish. Finaly we had free time and went to sleep

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