kolmapäev, 5. oktoober 2016

5th October 2016

5th October

We haved breackfast at 9 o'clock in the morning: bread, jam, cheese, milk, cacao,  sugar and some sauces. Then we played game presentations very simples. Next they explained to us the rules, and we did some working group. We haved lunch paella with some vegetables. We haved free time and all we went to the beach to have a swim or sunbath. After lunch we did the team building. Was one game that we haved to pass from one way to the other with chairs. The rules were: 1.you can't touch the ground 2. All the people haved to pass. After the team building we explained how the experiment went in the summer and we did it in groups, we answered some questions and then we explained to the other people. We camed to "LA MATA" with the leaders and then we camed to the base walking in the sand.

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