kolmapäev, 12. oktoober 2016

Day 11th October

When we woke up at 9:00 we went to have breakfast, and then we have some extra free time that morning. Some were preparing for the night for the 'Talent Show' and others were visiting La Mata buying some stuff including gifts for 'the secret friend'. Later, we had lunch and then we did the activities: energiser, and filling our youth pass for what we learnt in this project and also talk about our emotions with some representatives cards.
After that we put a paper in our backs for put what we think about everyone, this was one of the saddest part of this project. We had dinner and then we did the talent show. Some of us danced, others made experiments and a few more made us laugh. When we finished that we started to discover who was the secret friend of each other, it was very funny. After that we had free time and almost everyone were playing or talking outside. And the time for sleep were around 5.00 am and we slept outside.

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